Ever found yourself repeating certain functionality over & over across multiple projects? My latest project highlighted that for me. Here are some handy-dandy things that I’m surprised JS/React HASN’T added.

JavaScript is a cool language. It has a lot of functionality & common sense syntax that can be difficult to transition away from. That being said, I’m sure we’ve all realized this by now, but JavaScript is… weird.

JS, you are something else.

Yeah, JS has a seemingly infinite amount of quirks that makes one scratch their head. But that isn’t what this article is about. I’m here for the stuff JS leaves out. Some…

Thanks to Melinda for the title inspiration!

Knew multiple nerds wearing this on a t-shirt in high school.

If you’ve ever worked in computer science before, you’ve at least heard of binary, and have probably seen a hexcode somewhere for color values.

Students/junior devs especially may have never had to learn the magic behind these two numerical systems.

However, the basics behind these two systems aren’t too difficult to understand, and help you figure out how we use numbers normally as well.

Similarly to those learning their second language, it might seem completely alien at first. …

I’ve been programming on & off for about 5 years now. I’ve worked with a couple of languages (C#, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Python) as well as worked on projects as a student in multiple fields (game dev & full stack dev). And while I definitely have a lot to learn, I’ve discovered some habits that transcend all languages that will improve the lives of any programmer - from the newest of the new, to the head of a department!

Today, I’d like to share some of that wisdom. These habits are based on my prior experience, but I’m definitely not…

Today, we’re gonna go to space. While also learning how to use a suite of array enumerations! Let’s learn to love the <=>.

An essential part of programming is knowing your comparison operators. These are things like == (checking equality), > (greater than), < (less than), etc. They’re staples of mathematics & boolean logic, and comprise a whole lot of our code.

However, you might not know all of the comparison operators out there. I wouldn’t blame you — there are a LOT of these bad boys out there across many languages. …

Conrad Buys

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